Santa Barbara Wholesale is the premier provider of secure IT asset management services to companies across multiple industries and sectors. We are based in Santa Barbara, California.

We specialize in new and used Large systems servers, Network appliances, Banking machines, Telecommunications devices, Professional A/V products, Storage systems, and Medical equipment.

In our continued effort to improve customer service, Santa Barbara Wholesale has invested heavily in its infrastructure to enhance inventory control, product testing, order fulfillment, and to maintain a user friendly website.

Santa Barbara Wholesale is involved in the IT asset recovery business. We provide total asset recovery solutions for business. This can be defined as E-waste disposal. This includes the destruction of data storage devices be they hard drives, memory, tape drives, or storage media.

This also includes the safe disposal of all E-waste materials such as monitors, printers, copiers, fax machines, or any other device that produces printed materials. In additional to safe E-waste disposal we provide comprehensive remarketing of all saleable devices through established channels.

ZERO LANDFILL - This would mean to us that NO material ends up in a Domestic/Offshore landfill. No monitors, terminals, printers, flat panels, printers, copiers, fax machines, nothing. We handle these materials the right way.

All displays are disassembled in accordance with EPA and DTSC guidelines. We remove the gas via approved suction devices. The glass is smelted for lead. The yoke and electronics are smelted for lead. After all materials have been cleaned it is then recycled. All work is preformed at a State of California plant for hazardous material processing.

The process is also applied to copiers, faxes, printers and any other device which produces printed material to remove the toner which is also a hazardous material. We leave nothing in a landfill at all. All materials are truly recycled back into usable materials.

We will provide a certificate of safe destruction for every asset received. No material will be shipped outside the US

We will not be scrubbing hard drives. We will instead be sending them to a certified destruction center. The drives will be smelted down for precious metals. A letter of certified destruction will be issued for each drive. There is no point in spending money on scrubbing a worthless drive. It is cheaper and safer to destroy the drive completely

All materials will be shipped directly from your facilities to our center where they will be sorted for destruction or resale. All resale items will be immediately sanitized for sale. All data storage media having already removed and sorted for certified data destruction.

Destruction items will be sorted by type for destruction. At this time all drives, memory, media will be captured for preparation for certified destruction. All ID tags, labels and marks of origin will be removed.

In the case of license stickers or serial numbers these will be kept for tracking and resale purposes.

We maintain a paper trail on all materials received by the company as well as a digital photo record upon request. To record and maintain a coherent trail of accountability the paperwork is signed by each person in the trail who has under gone a course on material sensitivity and confidentiality.

This described fully in our ISO9001/ISO14000 Quality Assurance system.

Business Philosophy - Simply to provide the best value for our customers be it the purchase of new or used products, sale of surplus equipment, asset recovery programs, repair services, leasing, or consulting.

People - Our motivated staff of professionals are here to serve you. We have 27 years of experience in finding the right solutions for our customers.

We perform background checks on all personnel using a certified outside consultant in conjunction with local law enforcement.

We participate in a quarterly training and development program and a briefing as outlined by the American Society of Industrial Security "ASIS".

Our employees received a quarterly briefing on fraud detection and security matters. The training program is broken down into the three parts

1. Security analysis of the physical plant

2. Delineation of security risks

3. Property identification and notification of security violations.

All personnel have specific delineated photo badges that indicate the degree of security which they oversee. Our security policies are the same as implemented by the US Government and NASA in their facilities.

All Client materials from confidential to Secret are maintained in a US Government quantified safe. All materials are kept for a period of 3 years at which time permission is requested from the client to perform shredding or incineration of it.

Santa Barbara Wholesale is informed by legal counsel quarterly on changes in legislation that relates to our business. If a piece of legislation is introduced or passed which impacts our business we are informed by counsel of such immediately.

We maintain a paper trail as defined by ISO9001 Quality assurance that logs, maintains, and tracks client relations. This is a lengthy document we would like to submit to you in printed form upon request.

We have 3-tier problem management model. The customer service rep (CSR) receives the original incident report. If the CSR is unable successfully solve the problem it is given to the CSR's immediate supervisor to handle. In the unlikely event the incident is not successfully re-mediated it will be handled by one of the principals of the corporation.

A history for all activity with material will be available as an online or Email document. Only authorized employees can access the online system. Passwords will be issued only to authorized personnel by the Authorized administrator. Orders can only be placed by authorized personnel.

You will determine who the individuals with access are going to be. Yes our system has complete tracking from the point of origin until final disposition.

In cases where the Item is picked up By UPS we will be using their Quantum View tracking system until received at our location.

The online system is custom tailored to the needs of the client. We request that you encourage modifications to suit your requirements.

We will review the user needs in the system on a quarterly basis ourselves and offer modifications which streamline the process for the customer.

We will have an 800 number available for you to call which is for your use only. Customer service requests will be monitored during normal business hours. Emergency requests will be handled by your account executive during off hours or weekends.

By handling shipping directly in all but the most remote locations we will manage all labor and fuel costs ourselves. In reducing the number of hands involved we will present the lowest cost solution to the customer. We also retain true material security in this way. A member of our staff will be on-site for all but the most remote locations.

No work will ever occur out of the scope of the customer. We will schedule all but emergency pickups 24 hours before the actual pickup date. The requesting customer must make the required arrangements with building security.

We will provide all required insurance, Bond, and license paperwork before coming to the site. We will need to be informed of special logistics at the time of request.

We can provide assistance in disaster recovery situations by providing from your stock or ours any items you may require to set up a temporary work environment.

We can also help in providing secure relocation of materials to temporary work centers. Outside of supplying critical materials or emergency re-locations we can as a additional service provide a complete Disaster recovery solution tailored to meet your specific needs.

We will be using the Invantas systems software program which provides an effective compliance solution.

We will be especially interested in meeting the following critical performance issues:

1. Data quality management;

2. List management and monitoring;

3. Heuristic matching and customer identification technology;

4. Enhanced due diligence;

5. Auditing and reporting;

6. Ease of implementation/use;

7. Powerful and extensible processing capabilities, and

8. Software vendor reliability.

The LOB (line-of-business) application is one of the set of critical computer applications that are vital to running an enterprise, such as accounting, supply chain management, and resource planning applications.

We utilize a simple form of LOB that directly corresponds to our ISO 9001/14000 model.

Our system is completely barcode based. We use the Serial number barcode to enter all items into our system at receipt. If the item does not have a barcode we create one for it. When an item passes from receiving, sort, E-waste processing, Test, Repair, sales, and shipping it is scanned each time.

The final destination of assets would be shown as a Certified destruction or an inventory sale. The sale would include the vendor information pertaining to the sale. This would include ship date, price, and payment method.

In the case of a Certified destruction the certificate number of the batch destroyed would be indicated. In both cases this would close the history of a specific serial number.

We can supply reporting summaries for the line of business and a complete enterprise report. We can track the line of business from the requestor. We can report costs and profits from a specific group.

We will certify these asset records will included all requested data and maintain these records for 3 years as a part of our program for you.

A monthly report of all items sold/certified for destruction can be generated in addition to the log entry on every item. This will indicate sales of scrap and resale of viable items.

Two weeks after an item has entered the system it will have been certified for destruction or in inventory for resale. If it has been sold it will appear in its log entry closing the history of this item. This will include the details of the sale.

After 45 days an item will be have been sold or certified for destruction. All invoicing for the item is complete. Invoice will have been sent for payment.

All sales at this point can be seen in log entry of each item. A separate report can be generated for the shipment showing all activity.

History - Experience counts. Major Asset Recovery has 86 years combined expertise in the high technology asset remarketing business.

This expertise includes large system servers, PC's, laptops, displays, network appliances, communications devices, banking equipment, security equipment, UPS's, mass storage, library storage, Medical equipment, and professional A/V gear.

We has managed under contract asset recovery programs for Wells Fargo Bank, JP Morgan, CHASE, Citibank, US Bancorp, City National Bank, Keybank, Firstbank, 1st City Savings, Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, EDS, and TalkAmerica. 

These are just a few of the fortune 500 companies we have worked with during 27 years in the industry.

Mission/Vision - It is our mission to recover the value of obsolete technologies for our client. We accomplish this through a surplus purchase or a Asset recovery program. We have never billed our clients for our Asset Recovery services.

The equipment has always paid the bills. When providing equipment the goal has always been to provide new or used equipment at competitive prices. To provide quality repair work. To provide competitive lease programs that are flexible to the market and needs of the customer. Our services have always been customer need driven.

What is Asset recovery? As the name implies it is the recovery of value. We deem this to mean recovery of the value of technology. Not all the items which you have are E-waste some are valuable technology.

We know the difference and treat items of value as such. We offer a generous profit sharing arrangement for these items. This would be newer high value technologies items.

Give us a call if you are replacing any of your office equipment. We can dispose of it for you to avoid any violations of e-waste laws.

Santa Barbara Wholesale is in the asset recovery/E-waste business and wants to offer our services to companies that need environmental E-waste disposal and asset recovery.

What is e E-waste disposal? The term e-Waste includes the following: desktop computers, cellular phones, faxes, copiers, printers, telecommunications equipment, monitors and any other device that contains electronic circuitry.

These are machines with no resale value to which the EPA/DSTC treats as environmental pollutants. This is addressed in title 22 of the California code of regulations section 66273(www.dtsc.ca.gov). 

When examining our pricng please keep in mind that your material will be handled the right way. Its not going into a container to pollute Asia. Its not being dunped in a domestic/Offshore landfill. Its being recycled the right way. E-waste/hazmad is being broken down into a recycled material which is then sold by the pound domestically.

It cost more but you will never have to worry about were it went. Also our effiency in handling materials is such that it becomes a profit center component when we sell the finshed recycled product.

What is our pricing schedule?

Santa Barbara Wholesale charges

$8.00 per monitor up to 17”. Above 17", monitors are charged at $1.00 per inch. For example 19” $10

all terminals and workstations are $10.00.

Printers are 50 cents per pound.

Computers below Pentium 4’s are $10.00 each.

We can physically remove the hard drive from the PC for the customer for $6.

We can provide a DOD hard drive scrub for $3 per 10GB.

This entails introducing a software agent to the Computer, which eliminates all data by right 0’s and 1’s on the hard drive 7 times. This will provide complete Sarbanes-Oxley compliance as it relates to data security on computer hard drives. We can suggest destroying a drive completely. Old drives have little value why scrub them?

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) are $1 per pound.

Misc. computer items such as mice, keyboards, scanners etc. are “No Charge” as long as they are packed in containers less than 20 pounds in weight.

Pickup fees are $35.00 within 15 miles of Los Angeles County.

$.50 per mile (portal to portal) if more than 15 miles.

If multiple pickups are possible costs will be split.

In New York City same rates apply.


SBW requires a fax/Email sent to us with a listing of the items you wish to deliver or have picked up.

If we have to pack the items and remove them from the facility, the charge is $15. Per man hour for this service.

It is recommended that the items be placed on a loading dock or first floor for ease of loading. Please call 24 hours before you require pickup of your items.

We offer Department of Toxic Substances Control safe handling for your e-waste. We are rebuilding, reuse, and recycle specialists. The products we receive are graded for performance, age, and usability.

Those items which are immediately usable, Have their hard drives sanitized, new operating systems installed, and made ready for sale or donation to the two school districts in which we are “Partners in Education”. Those items which are re-build able or repairable such as Computers, Monitors and Printers, are routed to our training area for deconstruction and rebuild.

Those items which are not economically feasible to rebuild are broken down into their component parts for reuse in other products.

We can process a mixed shipment for $1. per pound or we can base it on the item costs below.

All work will be preformed at our facility in California.


Processing price by device as follows.
laptop Purchase working units/broken haul away $15
desktop/hard drive $15.
desktop/No harddrive $15.
Server/Hard drvie $15
Server/No hard drvie $15.
Stand Alone Hard Drive $1.
CRT Monitor $15.
LCD $0.
Desktop Printer $15.
Larger printers to qoute
Cell Phone Purchase working units  - payment by type
Smart Phone Purchase working units  - payment by type
Misc Box(30lbs) $15

UPS $1. per pound

Blended Processing Fees, meeting environmental requirements.
w/o drive = missing drive or not functioning
Server w/drive(s) Purchase working units/broken haul away $15.
Server w/o drive(s) Purchase working units/broken haul away $15.
Desktop w/ drive $15.
Desktop w/o drive $15.
SFF Desktop w drive $15.
SFF Desktop w/o drive $15.
Laptop w/ drive $15.
Laptop w/o drive $15.
Standalone Drive $5.
15" CRT $15.
17" CRT $15.
19+"CRT $25.
15" Flat Panel Purchase working units/broken haul away $0.

17" Flat Panel Purchase working units/broken haul away $0.

19+" Flat Panel Purchase working units/broken haul away $0.

Refrigerator, Full size $25.
Refrigerator, Dorm size $15.
Microwave $15.
Small Copier $15.
Large Copier $15.
Huge Copier $25.
Cell Phone Purchase broken haul away $5.

Smart Phone (data)  broken haul away $5.
Box of Cables (Paper Box Size) $15.
Box of Cables w/ CDs or DVDs $15.



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